Wednesday, December 2, 2015

26x26" Paintings, Autumn 2015

All paintings are 26x26", acrylic gouache on synthetic paper, 2015.
Some are still in progress, some have titles.

6x6" paintings

Ecstasy Lethargy.

Fantasy Jealousy.

Depression Obsession.

Work Table with some 6x6" works in progress, November 2015.

All photos taken with my terrible studio lighting.

Studio Wall, Summer 2015

11x11" Paintings from Summer 2015

Between the waves.





On the ropes.

Sea sick, sick sea.

All of these paintings are 11x11", acrylic gouache on synthetic paper, 2015.

Best Point Resort Satellite Studio 2015

I set up a little studio while on a fishing vacation in Minnesota. July 2015.

3x3" paintings from Summer 2015

Studio Posture

Sometimes I work in my studio. Sometimes Luke sneaks photos.